St Kitts Properties For Sale A Beautiful Island

The island country of Nevis and St Kitts is an isolated group of islands said to be a hidden jewel in the Caribbean. Here you will find 69 square miles of an highly diverse ecosystems beginning at the beach through lagoons and lush forest up into the beautiful mountains. When you add all this to the history and way of living with a median year around temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit you come up with a hospitable atmosphere you can’t refuse. When you first discover this island country, you will instantly be drawn to looking at ST KITTS PROPERTIES FOR SALE. It is a good idea to concentrate on the islands commitment to sustainable building with their strict construction controls.

If you are interested in nature then you will feel like you are in the perfect place with all the beautiful colourful birds, butterflies and green vervet monkeys. The island is pretty unspoiled with an ecosystems that runs through the beach to the lagoons and up the mountains. As you climb up the mountain take a deep interest in the unique flora and fauna that you pass through on the way to the head of this calm volcano, Mr. Liamuiga, with its mild wide crater. If you are a painter this would the perfect place to paint an expert piece, all you have to do is copy what’s laid out in-front of you. The nature lover is guaranteed to fall in love with the island.

When you visit this island country of St. Kitts and Nevis will allow you the chance to explore colonial harbour estates where, if your fortunate, you may just catch a peek if a bye gone time. This was a time plantation homes encircled by fields full of sugar cane with a novel social life that might only exist in an island culture. As you can clearly see the ecosystems isn’t the be all and end all of these islands as there is a surplus of history to explore. Centuries back these gems of the English Caribbean were seemingly of the highest strategic signification not rebating their wealth, thus they built an impenetrable stronghold standing on top of Brimstone Hill and instantly came to be called the “Gibraltar of the West Indies”. In time this fort has been ruled by both the French and British although it was impenetrable. Today this fort is at present a state park but you can still up pictures of a time way back when the invading forces battered it with cannon fire, do you not wish that you could buy ST KITTS PROPERTIES FOR SALE at the costs charged back then.